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In Memory of Westie

It has always been said that "dog is mans' best friend", but that statement does not begin to describe what a true companion Westie was to our family. From the moment he joined us as a pup, until his last moment, his greatest joy was to be with his humans. Because, we did not own Westie, he owned us. No matter how bad things got, not matter how trying a day could be, nothing could compare to the joy in our hearts as we walked through the front door to be greeted by that little bundle of love, wagging his tail a mile a minute and slobbering a thousand doggie kisses on our faces. He had the innate ability to know what you wanted, whether it was to play catch with his ball, or just sit quietly on the couch and allow you to rub his belly, surely, for your therapeutic needs, not his!! He brought joy and love to all who knew him, and Westie will forever be missed.