tributes - steve



He was dropped in the overnight box at a kill shelter, fully grown, with a note that said he was a nice dog but too big to keep. We adopted him when he was 9 months old. Steve was an amazing dog who was so gentle with kittens, babies, and toddlers, but would protect us with his life if needed. He loved walking in the woods, wading in streams, and singing along with emergency sirens. He was terrified of any large round object - balloons, pumpkins, beach balls, even soda bottles were all cause for concern. He loved women's perfume and sticking his butt in the air when he played. Even our vet thought he was probably a gay dog. Steve was loved beyond belief and had a great life. He is missed by us as well as his little canine sister Gitte and his feline sister and best friend, Dingdong.