tributes - spike



Spike lived from Feb 7, 1994 until Jan 19, 2008. Spike was a Portland Police dog from July, 1996 until his retirement in July, 2001. Prior to his retirement he was described as the "best police dog in the State." During Spike’s career he was directly responsible for the apprehension of numerous criminals including murderers, robbers and burglars. Spike was instrumental in the location of thousands of dollars worth of illegal narcotics and other evidence.

Spike enjoyed showing off his police dog skills. Spike performed during dozens of K-9 demonstrations over the course of his career. The demonstrations provided the public a view of a variety of police dog skills. In 1999, Spike was the inaugural champion in the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Iron Dog obstacle course competition. The course challenged all required police dog skill. Spike finished first out of 22 teams.

When Spike was not working he was every bit a member of the family. Spike loved playing ball, Sebago Lake and running on Baxter Blvd. He is very much missed!


- Officer Robert Doherty and the Portland Police Department