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In Memory of Shadow Pardue

Shadow was a rambunctious dog with boundless energy who loved to run around and "escape". His escapades exasperated two other owners before finding us when he was 6 years old. "Shad", as we called him, could never be left off the leash as he would run and keep on running clear across the State! He loved to go on walks, eat treats, play with his stuffed toys, and go to bed promptly at 9 PM each night. He would stare at us each evening beginning at 8:55 PM, coaxing us to put away what we were doing and retreat up the stairs to the bedroom. There, he snuggled on his dog bed with his stuffed rabbit and look-alike stuffed Golden Retriever named "mini-me". Good nite Shadow! We love you and will forever miss you. Thank you for all the joy and smiles you brought into our home.