tributes - murphy & seeger




I miss your bark
I miss you lounging in the back of anyone's car whose back door was open
I miss when you would get confused on walks with that innocent precious look in your eyes
I miss your loud sigh when you got comfy
I miss you allowing me to give you a rubdown
I miss your split personality alter ego – Griffin
I miss you attacking and eating cardboard when it was in your vicinity
And I especially miss your very few and far between kisses

I miss your big brown front paws
I miss your wet kisses
I miss the expression in your eyes
I miss the way you gobbled down treats
I miss you snuggling in the bed
I miss your full wagging bum
I miss the way you sucked onto Planet Dog buddies
And I especially miss stepping over you every time after I got out of the shower

Rest in Peace Old Boys – You are missed.