tributes - bailey




In loving memory of my beloved Bailey O’Reilly Potter……….There are no words that I can say to describe the most incredible not only dog but friend….Taken away far too early but you gave me three and a half of the most incredible years that a person could have ever known. While your passing still devastates me, I go forward knowing that you are still by my side. The long walks, playing in the snow, stealing the kids' hats and gloves, swimming in the ocean or our trips to the lake, walks thru the woods, watching the fireworks, sitting on the beach watching people or watching you play, you made everything memorable and priceless. Pushing me out of bed so you could get comfortable, the 4 am wakeups, and the nose in my face in the morning with big sighs….Oh how they are missed. I miss your personality, your loyalty and unconditional love that you gave all of us. You made our days better when they were bad, made us smile when we were sad or mad. You are my protector, my friend, and a very important part of my life and you will always be with me and watching over us and your sister.
Rest in peace our angel………Thank you Planet Dog for all you do for all our four legged friends.

We will love you always,

Dad, Mom, Josee, Chase, Abby