therapy dog programs

Studies continually confirm that the mere presence of a dog has real medical and psychological benefits. Visits to nursing home facilities have consistently shown a drop in blood pressure, an increase in communication, alertness and a relaxing of stress and depression in residents. Dogs visit hundreds of hospitals each day alleviating pain, soothing the ill and their concerned families and even brightening the day for the staff. Reader dogs assist literacy teachers to help struggling readers to practice and improve their skills. Animal-assisted therapy pairs a dog with physical therapists, social workers and educators to complement structured activities to improve specific conditions. Dogs are especially good with children, allowing victims of abuse or trauma to share their stories in a legal or counseling setting with the comfort of a soft coat and a wet nose.

The Planet Dog Foundation is proud of its support for the following exemplary organizations:


Austin Dog Alliance
Bideawee Pet Therapy & Reading to Dogs Program
Canine Therapy Corps
(Chenny Troupe)
Caregivers Volunteers of Central Jersey CAREing Paws, Inc.
(Chenny Troupe)
Channel Thirteen/WNET
New York
Children’s Hospital Boston Children’s Hospital of the
King’s Daughters
Compassionate Canines, Inc.
A Fair Shake for Youth, Inc. (AFSY) Gabriel’s Angels Home for Life
Leader Dogs for the Blind Lollypop Farm Maine Children’s Cancer Center
Maine Medical Center Our Voice, Inc. Patten Free Library
Paws 4 Autism Paws for People Ð Pet-Assisted Visitation Volunteer Services, Inc. Paws for Friendship, Florida Chapter
People. Animals. Love. Pet Partners READing Paws
Sherman Health Soul Friends Southwest Harbor Public Library
Teacher’s Pet Therapy Dogs, Inc. UCLA Medical Center